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Style, Purpose and Sustainability

Style, Purpose and Sustainability

There is no escaping the fact that humans are having a hugely adverse effect on our planet. The clothing industry only extends our consumption of natural resources and consistent contamination of our environment and seas. The problem is so severe that recent studies have suggested that, at this rate the fashion industry may be responsible for using almost a quarter of the world’s carbon budget by 2050. We believe that the sports and outdoor clothing industries should be setting the best example possible on how to reduce this impact and make ourselves part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

At Squareco, we have always hand-picked the brands we work with based on three simple credentials; style, purpose and sustainability. By ensuring that we only work with sustainable outdoor brands we can help people create a more sustainable outdoor wardrobe for themselves, without it becoming a challenge.

One of the biggest challenges in becoming a more sustainable outdoor clothing store is that it can become counterintuitive to tell people to buy less sustainable sportswear, while this consumption is directly linked to our business and financial health. The answer however is simple – buy less but buy better. By offering items we trust in and match our ethos, there is less of a need to keep up to date with changing trends, run end of line sales, or engage in any of the other practices that make ‘fast fashion’ one of the biggest polluters in the world. 


Sustainability through longevity is one of the easiest ways to reduce your footprint and one of the concepts we believe in the most. By simply reducing the amount of clothing required to be produced we can eliminate a huge amount of the negative impact this production causes to the environment.

Look for fabrics that are recycled, durable, and match your needs, such as Billy Rainwear cagoules for outdoor walks in any element. Choose styles that can be worn for a multitude of tasks and fit in with your everyday wardrobe, as well as your adventure wardrobe and choose companies who champion repair and replace policies. 

A great example of this is Girlfriend Collective’s ReGirlfriend scheme. The sustainable sportswear brand launched a new recycling program where customers have the option to turn in their old Girlfriend Collective clothes in exchange for money towards a future Girlfriend purchase. Hoping to reduce textile waste, the brand offers customers credit for sending in any of their old compressive leggings, shorts, or bras to be broken down into yarns and redesigned for a new Girlfriend Collective piece.

If you are a gym freak that is constantly looking to update your wardrobe, this may be the sustainable program for you.

When you’re looking to purchase new ethical outdoor clothing, consider your needs and uses for the product to select something that will last you longer and need to replace less. While this may sometimes be the more expensive choice the adage is correct – “buy cheap, buy twice”.

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