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The top 5 smartwatches to buy right now

The top 5 smartwatches to buy right now

The top smartwatches do more than simply alert you when you receive a call or text message. They're a digital wallet, an in-depth fitness tracker that counts your steps, and in certain cases, a phone that you can use even when your smartphone is far away.

Nothing beats viewing your progress and PB’s, but when it comes to purchasing a smartwatch, you should do your homework before splashing the cash. Some of these useful timepieces might be expensive, so make sure you choose the right one for you! Like sports clothing, we’re all looking for a smartwatch to suit our personal lifestyles and activity levels.

Consider which features will help your training the most when choosing a fitness tracker. Do you want an all-in-one smartwatch, or are you content with a fitness tracker watch? Some fitness tracker watches are designed specifically for running or cycling, while others offer a variety of well-rounded workout modes for everyday use. Although all watches give general activity statistics, several models lack functionality such as ECG monitors and SpO2.

You can explore our top picks of the best smartwatches on the market here;

1. Apple Watch 7

The Apple Watch Series 7, maybe the most well-known smartwatch on the list, is a terrific choice for anybody looking for fitness monitoring and useful smart capabilities. The Apple Watch provides the whole fitness package, including a variety of sports modes, EGC scanners, SpO2, and GPS tracking. Additionally, for iOS users, this watch offers sleep tracking, mindfulness, and on-wrist text messaging.

While we wish the Apple Watch's 18-hour battery life could be improved, the Series 7 does benefit from speedier charging. It can be fully charged in roughly an hour, allowing it to spend less time connected to the new USB-C to Magnetic cable and more time with you on the road. It’s extensive choice of interchangeable straps also provides a unique edge over some of it’s competition.

RRP: £369



2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Consider the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 if you want a daily wristwatch with more capabilities than a basic fitness tracker. The flagship watch from Samsung has cutting-edge capabilities like body composition monitors that inspire users to achieve their objectives. Additionally, the Galaxy Watch offers team challenges that urge users to come together and begin moving.

The primary drawback of the Galaxy Watch 4 is its variable battery life, but if you don't mind charging it every day, you can take use of its many features, like on-board GPS, an always-on display, superb sleep tracking, and more.

RRP: £249


3. Fitbit Versa 3

You can't overlook Fitbit as a brand when it comes to fitness. For anyone who wishes to embrace Fitbit's comprehensive fitness capabilities with additional smartwatch functions, the Versa 3 model is perfect. This wearable includes texting, music, and third-party apps, in addition, to exercise modes and SpO2 monitoring to deliver a premium watch experience.

Active Zone Minutes, a fantastic exercise element for encouragement, has been added to Versa 3. Active Zone Minutes, first featured on the Fitbit Charge 4 and is now standard on all Fitbit gadgets, keeps track of how much time you spend working out in the fat-burning, cardio, or peak heart-rate zones. The 150 Active Zone Minutes per week recommended by the AHA and WHO are your target. You can use your Fitbit Versa 3 for phone calls and speak to voice assistants for queries, but note you can only enable one voice assistant at once.

RRP: £149


4. Garmin Vivoactive 4

Depending on your perspective on features like Body Battery and music playback, upgrading from the already excellent Vivoactive 3 may not be a high priority. What's more, by adding Spotify support and improving the watch's aesthetic appeal, Garmin has addressed the minor issues that most people had with the older device. Along with these changes, the Vivoactive 4 includes a slew of new features, including hydration and period tracking, as well as guided animated workouts. When you consider the low price, there's very little not to like; in terms of sports watches, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything better.

RRP: £349



5. Garmin Epix Gen 2

The Garmin Epix smartwatch is epic in almost every way: its design, display, and battery life are all exceptional. The Epix 2, like most other Garmin watches, has five buttons for navigating its rather complex menus, two on the right and three on the left. When you're out for a run or wearing gloves, having the ability to use buttons rather than a touchscreen is essential. However, by including an AMOLED display in the Epix, Garmin also included a touchscreen, allowing you to customise how you interact with the watch.

While the Epix aspires to be a smartwatch, it falls short of the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch in terms of smartwatch-like features. For instance, while you can download watchfaces and apps, the selection is far smaller than that you’ll get with WatchOS or Google WearOS. However, it is a great, fitness-first smartwatch with truly epic battery life and a gorgeous display. But with a starting price of nearly £900, the Epix is nearly twice as expensive as the base models for those watches. And, it’s a lot larger than both of those devices.

RRP: £899


Our top pick was pretty straightforward with the Apple Watch Series 7. It’s connectivity to our other Apple devices, usability and mid-range pricing were the main pros. It’s an obvious choice for the active iOS users. However, it wouldn't be the ideal choice if you’re an Android user looking for more performance-focused data. Smartwatches are a helpful addition to any workout routine. But choosing a smartwatch is like buying a good waterproof or a new pair of leggings; don’t buy the first one you see! Make sure you consider the features above and prioritise which will benefit your training or routine. Ask your friends and family members which they prefer and what they use it for – the best reviews are trusted reviews!


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